The Transit Winery



When at the end of the 19th century my great grandfather Pietro He left his hometown of Rosciolo, in Italy, to venture to the conquest of a better future, he brought nothing in his suitcases but determination and his passion for viticulture. And by establishing himself in Cafayate, land of vines and good sun, he forever marked the destiny of those of us who today carry his blood.

two of his sons, Benjamin Andrés and Pedro MoisésFollowing in his footsteps, with tenacity and hard work, they became benchmarks of their time by taking charge of the traditional winery "El Tránsito" in the year 1942.

Directed by them with great success the winery "The transit" It used to be the home of Benjamin and saw some of his children born within its walls, including my father, Benjamin Raul.

At the end of 1952, following their innovative nature, Benjamín and Pedro decided to move the winery to new facilities.

Years later the old winery "The transit", wrapped in goblin murmurs, I take the name of “Enchanted Cellar” becoming forever the scene of the –Serenade to Cafayate. Today also enclosure of the –Wine Museum– .

After the disappearance of my grandfather and his brother, my father took over the management of the family winery for many years, soaking me in memories of the old winery, its smells, its sounds and anecdotes of its people.

This is how in 2004, emulating the experience of our grandparents, we began together the project of bringing to the winery "The transit" to the third millennium, in order to maintain the excellence of our wines.

By incorporating today the latest technology in winemaking we want to perpetuate, with the quality it deserves, the family tradition.

And I particularly, as a member of the fourth generation, hope to become part of this history and thus be able, like my father and my grandparents, to make my descendants proud.

Andres Benjamin Nanni

Varietal composition: 100% Bonarda

Alcohol13,5 %Total acidity5,7 g/l
volatile acidity0,56 g/lSugar3,15 g/l
Performance8 ton/haExtract34,6 g/l
SO2 Total130 mg/l

Structure: trellis driving. VSP system in bilateral cord
Harvest: manual in boxes of 20 kg
Elaboration: cold pre-fermentative maceration for 48 hours Fermentation: in stainless steel vats, at a controlled temperature of 25º C. Extraction peak of 29º C
Vineyard location: Cafayate -Calchaquíes Valleys - Salta - Argentina – 5,740 feet above sea level
Antiquity: 15 years
Tasting note: Bright ruby ​​red color; attractive notes of red fruits such as plum and cherry appear on the nose; It is pleasant on the palate, with an agile and fresh attack. Its tannins are soft and make it velvety, elegant and of medium persistence.
Pairing: It is ideal to accompany pasta, roast meats, sweetbreads, pork and grilled vegetables, as well as hard and semi-hard cheeses; perfect companion to a good pizza, it adapts very well to almost all meals
Recommended Temperature: 14º C / 16º C