The Transit Winery



The Transit Winery is located in the heart of cafayate, our hometown, just one block from the main square; in the southwest of the province of Salta, northwestern region of Argentina.

Although the origin and meaning of the word «Cafayate» It is not known with certainty, it is believed that it comes from the now extinct Cacán language and the most accepted versions by the Cafayateños are that it means “water drawer”, o “pueblo” and in turn "wealth", thus naming Cafayate as “the town that has it all”.

All the grapes we use to make our wines come from our Los Amancay estate, located on the eastern slope of the Cafayate Valley at 1,750 m (5,740 ft) above sea level.

The Valley presents exceptional characteristics for the cultivation of the vine due to its semi-desert climate and its height.

Are registered more than 300 sunny days a year. A wide thermal amplitude between day and night during all seasons, sunny and warm days that can exceed 35°C in summer and very cold nights below 0°C in winter.

Rainfall is scarce and seasonal, between 80 and 180 mm per year, concentrating in the summer months. The soils are poor and sandy-loam.

Specifically, the eastern slope enjoys even more special conditions. Constant winds contribute to the health of the vineyards that do not require the application of fungicides or pesticides; and a solar irradiation that exceeds the rest of the valley in an average of more than an hour and a half per day ensures the early maturity of the fruit.

The yields are low, less than 7000 kg/ha, but they are generously compensated in quality.

All these conditions, although very harsh, are unbeatable for the vines and ensure that the grapes, when ripe, have a great concentration of color and aromas to finally become wines of great character with unique characteristics.

Our wines are the faithful and autochthonous expression of the Cafayateño terroir in which passion, effort and a long history are also combined.